Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The sub-domain''

Yeah, I took this sub-domain after the FYH guy left it.So what......I mean no samurai or any other 'dubai lovers' can do nothing about it.Cauz, it is already mine.And maybe i took this for,as you said , to get noticed.Again so what..These dubai M***** F****** can do nothing about it.As long as you are not an emirati, you cant boast about it.I mean i dont see any point in these F****** hendi,paki bla bla boasting about dubai.Wake up, idiots who think dubai is the best.Cauz any of you havent seen anywhere else like Deutschland,Gro├čbritannien,Amerika,Europa usw.
Whole heartedlyF*** u all

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Future of dubai?

What is the future of dubai!!Well if it has any!!
IN 40 yrs they run out of oil and thaey can't do anything about