Thursday, December 15, 2005

Future of dubai?

What is the future of dubai!!Well if it has any!!
IN 40 yrs they run out of oil and thaey can't do anything about


Blogger BuJ said...

Is this you? FYH?

12:29 AM  
Blogger BuJ said...

Is this you? FYH?

12:29 AM  
Blogger BarfUser said...

I doubt it... For one thing, this is a significantly more ignorant voice (although I'm going on just one post).

It's funny you'd say Dubai, whomever you are, since less than 15% of the Emirate's revenues now come from oil. It's managed to diversify in a way that promises long-term prosperity.

Besides, it's not so much oil it needs to worry about: it's water.

9:36 AM  
Blogger dreamz said...

welcome back! pity the old blogs have vanished !

7:47 AM  
Blogger BuJ said...

dreamz i don't think it's the old FYH guy with the "game over" picture

3:58 PM  
Blogger samuraisam said...

this is positively not FYH, do not trust whoever it is, they just registered the blog to get a few visitors, the inital posting made on here was quite harsh, and it appears to have been edited slightly.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Ahmedinejad said...

I am not FYH.I am just a poor guy from koln .But i hate dubai!!Whole haertedly!!
Ich liebe Deutschland
Araber saugen!!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Mayank said...

It doesn't matter who you are. But this statement proves that you are an ignorant fool. Its okay if you hate dubai, but your statement is invalid

6:28 AM  
Blogger Ahmedinejad said...

Wer sind Sie?
Schließen Sie Sie indischer Dummkopf.

Herr mayank!!, i wasent talking about india for you to get angry.
Dubai kann nicht mit Deutschland verglichen werden!!
Deutschland is the best!!

2:18 PM  
Blogger samuraisam said...

germany sucks.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Ahmedinejad said...

Deutschland can buy australia herr!!

12:58 PM  
Blogger samuraisam said...

why did you even register this blog damnit?
i know 4 year olds with better points than you.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Almondaz said...

well I dont know what to say!!
Except that you are a big time Loser and

3:33 AM  
Blogger Almondaz said...

I don’t know what to say to a person like you.. so shallow minded and helpless..
I guess you need to see a shrink or something..
Even if you hate Dubai, well why do you hate it, did they kick you out or something?
There should be something mysterious behind your hatred to a country that did nothing to hurt you..

3:35 AM  
Blogger Almondaz said...

I don’t know what to say to a person like you.. so shallow minded and helpless..
I guess you need to see a shrink or something..
Even if you hate Dubai, well why do you hate it, did they kick you out or something?
There should be something mysterious behind your hatred to a country that did nothing to hurt you..

3:35 AM  
Blogger Ahmedinejad said...

ur crazy my friend.I have never been to dubai letalone they kick me out.And i hate dubai because of numerous reasons...Told 2 me by my iranian parents...I mean look,even tried to change the name of persiangulf to arabian gulf!!!Loosers.BUt What i dont understand is a whole bunch of loosers who are not citizens of a country is defending that country.!!!!!!!!!!!U have to support ur own country mate.Like i support Bundesrepublik and also iran.

3:01 PM  
Blogger dubaif said...

Hi Ahmedinejad

if you hate Dubai just read the book Traumland Alptraum, just hate the emirates

5:00 AM  
Blogger Ahmedinejad said...

Dubai is a fake 'traumland'.Well they are trying to make it..but it never will be..
Dear friend read the following if you have time..

This time you cant say i am jealous or something bekauz it is from Forbes.

4:14 AM  
Blogger lapis philosophorum said...

As barfuser said...
UAE has been doing some long-term planning in the knowledge that their natural resources (ie oil) will run out soon. Dubai in particular has put significant effort into modernizing in such a way as to attract tourist attention (a rather profitable enterprise if done anywhere near well).

12:20 PM  
Blogger Ahmedinejad said...

But the point is a country cannot solely depend on tourism!!(Especially when they havent got any thing else like water etc..)

5:40 PM  
Blogger Kyle said...

I'll tell you why Dubai is a bad concept.

1: You can say that 15% of their economy is oil and blah blah blah, regardless, it's that extra cash from the oil that allows them to spend the kind of money they are spending on this town. All of the citizens are already rich and this oil is just extra loot. Could they share it with their migrant workers who build their stupid city? No. They waste it on building palm tree shapped islands that are going to erode as soon as the money runs out to maintain them.

2: This city is a DEATH TRAP. Because not only is it located in the center of a region that has MASSIVE political unrest in a region that despises western culture/ not to mention close ties to the United States and Europe making it a dumb place to live for those safety reasons. But also, The buildings are just not up to snuff. Did you stop to think about why these crazy buildings are being made in places like, Tapei, Kuala Lumpor and Dubai? there are two reasons, new money that these regions are spending out to Americans and Europeans who love to take money from the uneducated and NO STRICT SAFETY REGULATIONS. That's right. Do you honestly think the money in these cities can compare to the money in New York, London or Tokyo? Not a chance. But why aren't there crazy structures all over those cities? Sure they all have some fancy things, but not like dubai, why not? Because they all have VERY TIGHT SAFETY REGULATIONS. These buildings iin Dubai are built on Sand by angry underpaid migrant workers who have no government keeping a tight leash on their safety codes. I for one will never set foot in Dubai as long as this is true. Which will probably be the case for several dacades if not indefinitely.

3. Tourism there is a joke. No: Drinking, free speech, late nights, gambling, etc. etc. You can't build Vegas the second without the promise of fun in the sun and loose slots. You just can't. And you can't build orlando with out cheap and bountiful entertainment that caters to the middle class. It's desperately scrambling to build some attractions, A Ferrari Theme park, How stupid. That'll be amolst as successful as Euro Disney (Which by the way was built from a preexisting most powerful theme park on earth empire- not a car company who will charge too much for admission to a lame carshow based theme park with a few stupid rides) The Ferrari park is a place you see once, not a place you can go every year with your family and have a new experience like Disney World. Also DubaiLand, twice the size of Disney world with less than half the fun! We have all this dessert so lets just make it huge to say it's the biggest even though there is really nothing fun to do and we have to close before U.A.E. curfews also. If Sin City is Las Vegas and the Family Entertainment Capitol is Orlando, This puts Dubai some where close to Phoenix Arizona in stature. Minus the run off economy Phoenix gets from near by Los Angeles which is a city with a higher economy than most countries. Don't forget San Diego either.

These are three reasons the thought of living in Dubai, or even visiting for that matter, is a stupid idea.

Oh by the way, if Los Angeles is have trouble keeping it's citizens hydrated, imagine what happens to Dubai if is population balloons to even half of L.A.'s Metro region.
They are screwed

12:43 PM  
Blogger mo said...

Dubai also has other problems you know. Like prostitution.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Jaime M said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:56 AM  
Blogger jack said...

actually it almost ran out of oil and most of it's revenue is coming from tourism and business but due to the recent economical meltdown Dubai will have no future. I got a PhD in economics and that is the opinion of me and many other economist

11:50 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

Dubai sucks. I live on Palm Jumeriah. I hate it. This entire city and country is a joke. There is no freedom here. The government blocks internet sites, alcohol is only sold in bars and restaurants, internet service is over $100 a month, no postal service without a residence permit and a PO Box. I could go on. I am stuck here until the end of June. If I'd have known more about this place, I'd never have come here, and I live on this so called "8th wonder of the world", in a house worth well over 5 million pounds. The houses are on top of each other, and the place is absoutly boring. When I leave here I'm going straight to Amsterdam and staying for a week!!!

7:47 AM  

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